1999 09 new york


Not a lot to show for a year in New York. Some random memories:

Riding on the subway and trying to study the people without directly looking at them. The subway is only dangerous in certain sections and at certain hours. Otherwise it’s convenient. Have to remember locals vs express. A monthly metrocard allows unlimited travel on subway and buses.

Taking the bus across central park. Taking the bus all the way from the Upper East side to South Street Seaport. Loads to see on the way.


Weekend street fairs. Check in the NY Times for locations. Whole blocks of the street would be blocked off and lots of stalls to rummage around. Selling houseware, linens, spices, books, T-shirts. All sorts of food stalls. $1 per minute massages.


The Oyster Bar at Grand Central. Big gulp smoothie at Penn station. Hot dogs and juice at Papaya King.


Look up and be in awe of the amazing architecture. The brownstones, the modern apartment blocks, the landmarks.

The first time I saw professional dog walkers, this teeny girl had like 12 dogs with her.

Observation deck, World Trade Center. Gone.

New Year’s Eve. Times Square. The ball. How can anyone for get the ball? Oh hey it wasn’t just New Year’s Eve, it was the turn of the millenium.

Driving out of town. To New Jersey. Connecticut. Long Island.