9.30am bleary eyed

I was up till 4am this morning working on the website, haven’t done allnighters for a long while. Normally I need like 9 hours sleep. Sure not getting that nowadays. I have in my black journal this quote, “if your writing isn’t keep you up nights it won’t keep anyone else up all night.” So that’s how it’s gonna have to be, huh. No pain no gain.

Site access is a bitch, I tried acessing other people’s websites on tripod and it’s slooow. Still not too late to find another host. I don’t mind paying, right now it’s not worth it yet. Unfortunately I have a history of not fully getting my money’s worth.

  • paid $70 for registering invisiblecompany.com about 4 years ago and did nothing.
  • signed up for broadband and didn’t use it for 6 months because I forgot to check I had an Ethernet card on the iMac. It took a hard disk breakdown and upgrade to the Powerbook before I got to use the broadband.
  • still maintaining my UK mobile even though I’m rarely in London nowadays.
  • was lazy and called up the in-house travel agent for my Singapore ticket next week, got a fairly good deal I thought, only to find out that I could have gotten flight and hotel for the same price at other agents.
  • have about CHF37 worth of credit at Fotolabo because I overpaid and they wrote me a letter and of course it was in German and I didn’t bother translating it.

Etcetera. So bad.