innermost room

Initial results were not good, text size too big, wrong font on display, wrong position on screen, crappy table format. So I knew I had to bite the bullet, switch to a newer version of Dreamweaver and learn CSS. I know, I know, I’m so far behind the times I’m only now learning how to use style sheets? Would I be a misguided, overly proud person if I said I managed to learn the basics in one afternoon? Alright, I’m not an expert but I got the results I wanted. The price is I have to re-do every page I’d done so far.

The image on the top right that looks like two hands around a shiny light crystal ball is a photo I had since forever, I think it’s an overexposure at the end of a roll of a film. It’s a real, untouched photo. I’m using it as my logo. The logo itself was constructed using a program called TOFFY at my previous company.

The photo on the left is of Luzern in Beautiful Switzerland. Unfortunately this will not be the last time you’ll hear me pronounce my profound adoration of Switzerland.

Messages from the innermost room
The title came from some lyrics I wrote a long time ago. The lyrics weren’t very good but I like the title. The photo of the boat was taken in the Lake District and overexposed on photoshop.

At some stage of a friendship I will ask a friend what they really wanted to do if they didn’t have to work and money wasn’t an issue. For me, the answer is to write. I don’t pretend to be a professional or even an amateur with a modicum of talent. All I know is I need to get the thoughts and feelings out of my head. Most of my writing was done in a splurge when I was in college, as soon as I started working I found it difficult to tap into the proverbial creative wells. No big surprise, I’m as normal as the next person.

One of the reasons behind getting the website going again is to get all the random bits of paper floating round into one place in the hope that I can work on them. Recently getting into fanfic helps in the motivation factor also.