500 words on liquid diet

Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. But not alcohol. Does tea and coffee count?

I have a big 32oz cup on my desk at work and I drink 2 or 3 of that on a workday. Water only in that cup, any cup I use for water can’t be tainted by anything else. I fill it with warm water and refill when it’s 1/3 full. 2 cans of diet coke at lunch and juice or sometimes beer at dinner. After dinner I continue with the juice until I’ve brushed my teeth, then it’s water only. I must have a drink, any drink next to me at all times.

Don’t like coffee, don’t like the taste or smell. Tried when I was studying for a particularly difficult exam. In the middle of the night I was desperate for anything to help me stay awake. No dice, it gave me a big headache and made me sleepy. After that I stayed away. Now I don’t even take coffee ice cream and if it’s tiramisu for dessert it’s a small portion for me please.

I must have a cup of tea first thing otherwise I’m too cranky for words. Prefer tea from the UK, I tried the tea in the US and no way in hell could I get it strong enough. Milk, no sugar. Sometimes on a saturday I’d make it properly, like warming the pot, using decent leaf tea, I even have a tea cosy and I add the milk before the tea. As for green and black tea, I love the clean taste of Japanese green tea or the muskiness of roasted tea. Even the cold green tea in a can you get nowadays is slowly taking the place of soft drinks.

I discovered I could mix my alcohol and not be affected. New Year’s Eve with the Zurich gang we drank wine, about a bottle each of champagne, brandy, whisky, port, vodka and all the hard liquor we could find, all in one night. Afterward I took a shower, went to bed and was up at a decent time the next day. It was a bit surreal. I’ve only lost time once, at this party I was in charge of making caipirinha and I was tasting and being very generous with the cachaça. Plus we had watermelon vodka and all sorts of other cocktails. I remember chatting to someone and that’s it, nothing else for the rest of the night. To this date I have no memory of those few hours.

In a bar if I’m thirsty I’ll order a beer. I like stronger stuff, the strongest beer I’ve had was 14.5%, one of those made by belgian monks or the like. Trying to cut down on beer though, moving onto wine. Try Chianti Classico, Châteauneuf-du-Pape or regular cabernet. If I feel like something harder I’ll order G&T or scotch.

I’d talk about sake but I’m out of words.