stained glass & shiny parts

Some weekends I’m so busy I don’t have time to fire up the machine. Others are so free I do nothing but sit in front of the screen all day. This weekend was a mixture of both. Saturday I was out virtually all day and I only had a 30 minute window which I used to look at scanners. Today was a productive day. Added a couple more pages.

Stained glass window of our soul
Finally, some pictures. Lakes. Mountains. Coastlines. Houses. Collected over the years. No portraits yet. I don’t have any with people I think can be added here.

Took a whole day to sort out these babies. Resize. Layers. Adjust curves. Make thumbnail. Combine to make image map so the first page doesn’t take forever to load on slower machines.

First uploade has 21 pictures, one html page per image. Now you know why it took all day.

Sum of all shiny parts
Derived from “the sum of all parts”. Image of various macs layered in Photoshop and made into an animated gif in ImageReady.

Mainly a log for myself to follow the progress. And to show technical stuff. Yes people, there is a master plan of sorts.