500 words on snacks

There’s this T-shirt I covet which is so me. The periodic table connection and three sure favourites. Bed, TV and snacks. Mmmm. Interestingly only one symbol is a real element, unless my chemistry is so horribly outdated, last time I looked Tv and Bd are not elements. For the uninitiated, Sn stands for tin, from the latin word for tin, stannum.

Enough showing off. This is 500 words on snacks.

First off, definition. Snacks has different meaning for different people, a steak dinner might be nothing more than a snack for a sumo wrestler. For me, a snack is something I buy ready made and all I need to do is rip open the packaging and reach in.

How about doing a Hornby and going for a Top 5, in no particular order:

  1. Worcestershire sauce flavoured Walker’s crisps
  2. Wasabi beans
  3. Hot roasted chestnuts
  4. Jaffa cakes
  5. Dark chocolate truffles

I could have had all sorts of other snacks in my list. Blue nachos, cereal straight out of the box, Pringles, cola bottles, yogurt covered raisons, Thai spicy mini spring rolls. And my recent discovery, pumpkin chips. Bought a tin of cookies in Singapore and I’m totally forcing myself to ration them out because the temptation to finish the whole tin in one sitting is very great.

I think I overdosed on chocolate when I was young which is why I don’t take it that much anymore. I used to chomp down a whole Twix or Picnic bar without a second thought, although Mars bars are a different monster. I visit the chocolate shelf in the supermarket and the variety blows me away. Prefer dark chocolate, I had some 98% cocoa and it was bitter man. But a good kind of bitter you know.

When I’m driving, especially long distances, I kit the car out with all the essentials – music, water and mints. I can’t drive without having something in my mouth, it helps me concentrate. Really. Usually I take the extra strong mint, the one that’s supposed to blow your socks off. Another candy with the oooomph factor I like are sour warheads. The extreme sourness makes my face squeeze up and then when it’s gone and I kinda miss the sourness.

Straying into finger food category now. Chicken wings. What’s this about them that make them irresistible and yummy tasting no matter how they’re cooked? Even though they’re not the easiest to eat, especially if you don’t want to get your hands dirty. Buffalo wings in blue cheese dip. Grilled in teriyaki sauce. Spicy. And what about pâté on toast, sausage rolls, satay, potato skins, guacamole dip and best quality olives. Sigh. Ok here’s a nice one:

Roll smoked salmon and baby spinach (or other salad green) in pancake thin omlette rounds, cut into 1 1/2 inch rolls and secure with cocktail sticks. Dead easy.

I’m.not.hungry.at.all, why’re you asking? Hee.