delicacies & frivolities

Completed about 75% of delicacies & frivolities which, for want of a better description, is the catch-all miscellaneous section for various homes, food, iPod and other stuff that’s important to me.

Where I put floorplans of the places I’ve lived in, it was something I started when I moved to NY, to show friends and family how my apartment looked like. I have to be careful to keep to the theme of this section and not digress into travelogue and pictures which needs to go into the travel section. So far only NY and Zurich are finished.

My mp3s. When I downloaded the full list it was too big to open in Simpletext so I had to email it to work and sort it out in Word and Excel. Sigh. I really have to succumb to prejudice and get Office at home. This is the only page with frames, not keen on them but I need to show the title of the list. Split the entire list up according to playlists, cos that’s how I think of how the iPod is organised anyway.

use your loaf
This is a favourite phrase of ours at work right now. Loaf of bread is rhyming slang for head, so use your loaf means use your head dummy. Hee. Anyway it took me the whole day to organise and type out the recipes and I was quite tired of it at the end. Should be useful though, no need to flip through books, magazines or notebooks. Can send to other people easily as well.

A picture of the Golf, that’s all.

Last night I started work on the travel section. Lots of photos to organise and diatribe to write. Started with Hokkaido cos it’s the most recent trip and the one where I had the most pictures (we took nearly 10 rolls of film altogether). Even with splitting the trip to 2 pages and trying to trim down the size of the jpgs I need to test how it would load on a 56k connection. This whole travel section will probably end up bigger that I expected.

As if it matters. Website is currently at 6MB, I have 327MB left. It’s a no brainer.