At home with random thoughts

The strap on my watch had become undone and I was trying to glue it back together using some superglue and I was squeezing the tube and the glue just shot out. The watchstrap is fixed but now I have superglue all over my fingers. It’s not terribly sticky glue it’s not like my fingers are glued together, there’s just this layer of white chalky substance that can’t be washed off. Great.

Been neglecting my plants they’re all wilted and sad looking. Gave them a much needed watering, they should recover overnight. The ivy is growing steadily, soon I’ll need to move it to the bathroom. I want to trail the ivy all round the ceiling to create a sort of greenhouse effect in the bathroom.

Did 2 loads of laundry this afternoon. Darks and whites.

Made a fruit salad with mango, pear and papaya. May be I’ll squeeze a little lime juice over it to give it a bit of zest.