Made a favicon, the little thumbnail image that sits in the address bar and shows up on some browsers whenbookmarked. I think it’s cool. I already had that undefinable crystal ball shiny picture I decided to use as the logo. Making the icon was real easy:

  1. In Photoshop crop logo to cut out excess black and into a square.
  2. Change image size to 16×16 pixels.
  3. Save as favicon.bmp.
  4. Open bmp in GraphicConverter.
  5. Under Picture>Color change to 16 colors (4-bit).
  6. Save as Windows icon (*.ico).
  7. Upload to root directory at website.
  8. Clear cache.

Apparently there are even more straightforward methods like using a Photoshop plug-in or saving as png. But this took 10 mins to do so I’m happy.