Dude, really, your opinion isn’t important in the scheme of things

My company decided to change accountant firms and to ask the new firm to provide someone to be based onsite at our office. The director of the new firm told us that he planned to have his wife as the onsite resource.

I can’t describe how that totally wigged me out. In an industry that relies on impartiality, to have someone reporting to his/her spouse is pretty unethical. Of course there are many industries where it doesn’t matter, but where one has to audit the other’s work; where confidentiality plays such an important role and where it is necessary to be whiter than white professionally, it triggers all sorts of alarm bells in my mind.

I told mm and she told me about this lawyer who didn’t know what fiduciary duty was. Fiduciary duty is the obligation to act in the best interest of the other party. Lawyers, the fiduciary, must use their discretion and expertise in acting for the client who has placed trust and confidence in them.

I said of course it’s common sense ethics and she was saying it’s more than that, it’s the law. I countered that to me, ethics has higher authority than the law. She agreed but said that there are no written areas of ethics therefore it’s much harder to uphold. She’s right, and that got me thinking that it’s a shame how people can operate in this world without ethics and morals.

At that point we reached the restaurant we were heading for and the talk changed to more mundane matters like food.