mind babble round 2

I visited the company library for the first time today. Apart from the librarian it was empty and felt kind of eerie. Research reports were organised by topic and country; newspapers and magazines neatly stacked by date; company reports sorted alphabetical in hanging files. Everything perfectly in place, like performers waiting in the wings for their turn on the stage. According to the librarian not many people use the library, so the waiting continues.

Spent a big chunk of last night researching car rental prices. We need to rent cars for Nice, Zurich and London. I so wish we can just rent one car but pick up and return must be in the same country so that idea got killed quickly. Searched through website after website armed with a multitude of discount numbers, which entailed entering dates, airport codes and vehicle preferences again and again. Mind numbing. Not surprised that airline discount numbers give the best rates. I usually get the second or third tier cars, the first tier is too small and flimsy and anything higher is too expensive. Must remember to make a few CDs this weekend.

Been coming across mentions of Elliott Smith while randomly surfing or reading updated fanfic. I’ve never heard of him before but there’s this vague impression that he died recently. And because the internet is so beautiful, it didn’t take me long to find some info on his life, music, suicide and the tribute concert held earlier this week. What a sad way to end one’s life. Sometimes you don’t discover someone’s work until they’re gone and it’s real sad cos no matter how great the work is, that’s it, there won’t be more. And though inappropriate, I can’t help thinking of the funny recap of the pilot episode of Tru Calling on how the show was so intent on telling us that it’s about a heroine who tries to stop people from dying before their time. Oh and bold? Anvil.

For lunch today I had cous cous, chick pea, roasted pumpkin and olive salad, just threw together whatever I could find. It desperately needed something green, salad leaves or beans, but I didn’t have any at home. Good enough anyway.

I feel a splitting headache coming on. Great. Just what I need.