Just words

I don’t look in a dictionary often enough but I looked up 3 words today.

Dichotomy. Divide into 2 parts, usually contradictory. Black and white. High and low. Ups and downs. Except nothing is that clear. Not anymore. Not ever.

Vestige. Trace, sign. As in – she stretched and rubbed her eyes to chase away the last vestiges of sleep.

Protestation. Declaration of protest. Actually I was looking it up to make sure I’ve used it properly.

I’m writing again. Picking up the various pieces of stuff that I start but never finish. I don’t know where to find plots or situations that aren’t boring or clichéd.

  1. The relationship story that’s been going on since forever, like college. Don’t even know if I want a happy ending or one of those no-ending type of endings.

  2. The one that’s supposed to be for this short story competition entitled “Unmasked”. Inspired by the Blindekuh. Except the competition is long over and the winners’ works already published. Not that I’d ever enter it, even if I finish, some of the later parts may involve some heavy breathing.

  3. The fanfic about grief and loss. And new beginnings. And ghosts and spirits.

  4. The prequel to that fanfic, before the grief and loss. Except there’s sadness and loss in the beginning.

  5. A Wishverse fanfic about grief and loss. And power. What’s with the grief and loss anyway?

  6. Another fanfic about undercover agents and double crossing and witness protection program. There’s a romance in there too.