more music

Updated musicality, lots of new songs now on the iPod listed. This is one of the most difficult pages to make and maintain. First of all I don’t have Office, andthe full listing downloaded from iTunes was too big to open in Simpletext, I had to email to work and open in Word and Excel. Then send back home an abridged version to copy and paste.

Never liked frames but for this page it’s necessary to keep the table title in a constant place. But to align the frame header with the frame body was a frigging nightmare.

Everytime I add new songs to the iPod I have to update the full list and the playlist. A small part of me thinks it’s a bad idea to have this section, but it’s what’s important in my life right? So I can’t forget about the iPod can I?

This is probably the last update in 2003. What a year.