going on a trip

There are the last minute packers, who grab whatever they can from their drawers and stuff them in their bags, regardless of whether those items are appropriate. There are the overpackers who pack everything and use only 10%. There are those who bring old and almost destroyed clothing and discard them as they buy new ones on their trip. There are those who can travel round the world on only one holdall.

We’re going away for the long New Year weekend, to Shanghai. For a long time I resisted going to China, still have a great deal of resistance. I truly believe it’s an innate snobbery that I’m ashamed to say I don’t acknowledge, let alone overcome.

I made my packing list already. I pack enough clothing for each day, plus one extra. I bring my own shampoo and shower gel even though they’re supplied by the hotel. I’m bringing both cameras and the iPod. If only someone could invent a universal charger for all these electrical devices that need to be charged up. I can’t bring the Powerbook, I want to but she’ll hit the roof if I did so I’ll have to make do. Back to the old fashioned form of reading material then, I feel like Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises, or Death in the Afternoon. I have to read more classics.

It’ll be cold, I’ll take my gloves. But apart from the coldest days in New York and Zurich I haven’t used a scarf or hat so should I use up precious space? May be a scarf, I’ll take the coat with the hood. See? Packing needs thorough thinking.

There’s a list for things to check before leaving too – windows, taps, fridge, cancel paper, take out trash. I’m organised that way.