this was how the day went

All of a sudden it’s weekend already and there’s so much to fit into so little time. Friday night at long last we managed to watch Return of the King, which was brilliant. The last 20 mins or so dragged on a bit, but that may be because I’d been sitting for 3 hours and was getting restless.

Paid for our Kenya trip today, it’s frustrating that she takes at least twice the amount of time to do anything as I would. Our lunch was after 2pm and I was a very cranky child by then. Then we spent three hours at the opticians getting new glasses for the two of us and sunglasses for her. Normally it takes me may be half an hour to get new glasses and I never ask everybody in the shop including the staff to decide which model for me, I just choose for myself. If I was sure it wouldn’t cause a rift in our relationship there were so many times I wanted to yell “just decide already”. Sigh. That’s where my time goes.

Bought a pair of binoculars. Wanted to get a longer lens for my camera but they were too expensive. Even a 2x teleconverter was beyond my budget.

Tried a new dish at dinner, steamed turtle. Stop it with the “eww” already, ok? It was steamed and quite nice. Texture and taste reminded me of frog’s legs. Would we order it again? Probably not. Sorry we had it? No, it was interesting. Methinks we’ll stick to chicken though.