bonus matters

Bonuses were announced today. I had no expectations. Never have. Deep down I knew it would be less than last year’s cos, well, last year’s was a guarantee / sign-on (look at these technical terms). I wasn’t wrong, it was down. But I wasn’t, I came out of my meeting and I couldn’t stop grinning, isn’t that a strange reaction? That’s the best thing about having no expectations, whatever I receive is good news.

I also received a Special Achievement Award, $1,000. I think it gets awarded once a quarter to around 10-ish people around the world. In the scheme of things it’s a small amount. But I’m most pleased with this. It’s the recognition factor. It’s not announced yet but I’ve been secretly checking the intranet for it. The majority of me wants it to be low profile cos I can’t stand the embarassment that will ensue once somebody in the department finds out. But a small part wants them to notice it, for me to have my tiny 15 seconds of fame.