2004 01 Kenya (2)

Masai Mara – Lion Hunt

Getting up before sunrise, warming ourselves up with cups of tea, and we’re off by 6.30am.
We were able to catch lions in action as they hunted and breakfasted on an eland.

It’s all part of the experience.
Watching. Waiting. Are the buffalos the target? Or could it be the zebras? Something’s up.

watching the herd watchful yep, something's up

Something’s definitely up. Here comes the pride.

coming coming us too greetings

What about the others? Zebras run, buffalos charge back for revenge.

escaping zebras here comes the buffalos big buffalo

The lions hightail in the presence of so many buffalos but the victim is already down.

running lions buffalo and prey eland breakfast

Can’t keep a hungry lion waiting for long.

lion is back buffet more buffet

skin and bones1 skin and bones2 skin and bones3

After the lions, it’s the turn of scavengers, until nothing’s left.

birds of prey close up bird of prey buffalo remains

Just another day on the plains.
watchful zebras on the plain