2004 01 Kenya (4)

Nakuru – Baboon fight

Here’s another experience we never expected to see. Baboons fighting. Right in front of us.

The 2 baboons have this other one cornered and partially down the face of the cliff:
get off the cliff it's down ther somewhere so, it's just the two

Snarling match between the remaining two, with the one on the left eventually winning:
standoff snarling escape


From the central lakes we made our way via Thomson’s Falls to the Aberdare Country Club. Set in surroundings that is reminiscent of a colonial club it had dark mahogany bars, a golf course, high teas and just the whiff of the Empire long gone. Warthogs, gazelles and impalas roamed freely on the grounds.

aberdare park aberdare country club
farmer inside the aberdare country club impalas in the club
cutie1 cutie2

The Aberdare Game Reserve was very different from the Masai Mara. While the Mara was mostly flat plains, Aberdare was like a rain forest with dense undergrowth and trees. The soil was rich clay, so the overall effect was a red tinge on everything. So the types of animals found there were different.

proud eagle elephant ladder

Baboon and monkey:
baboon long tailed monkey

Bushbuck and waterbuck, don’t remember which is which:
one of the bucks the other buck

warthog 1.2.3 big bad warthog

We saw so many buffalos we were pretty sick of them at the end:
buffalo buffalo another buffalo
oh no, more buffalos