regular fix

My days are meaningless repetitions. Every morning for the past 2 weeks we’ve had a conference call at 8.30am. Sometimes it runs till 10 and during the day it’s an endless stream of calls and writing documentation.

Lunch at my desk, surfing the net or reading fanfic. Downloading them and printing them out, 2 columns per page, double-sided. Not something I’m supposed to be doing, natch.

I try to concentrate on work. I get interrupted by people or phone calls or emails or I get bored and I have to leave the confines of my office and walk outside.

All I want to is go home.

Sometimes I don’t have dinner in the living room, I’m at my desk with the Powerbook straight away. Reading, writing, writing, reading.

I break off to shower or do the laundry. But the lure of the screen and the keyboard and the mouse is too great and I can’t stay away for long. That one night when it got too cold and I took a long bath, my mind wasn’t on the bath at all.

Weekends are bad. I’m hardly home. While she takes her shower I power up her iMac and I’m at it again. Until she finishes and we go to bed.

It’s an addiction.