I find myself strangely alone …

… in my hotel room in Singapore. Was asked to come over for training and support for a week, which then turned into 2 weeks.

Eveybody asks “do you have enough clothes?” Not really. But I brought washing powder. Always the efficient one eh. The staff must find it strange, the plethora of socks and underpants and shirts hanging in the bathroom. Then again may be they’re used to all sorts.

Very busy week, project team met every day at 6pm and the meetings went on for at least 2 hours. Sometimes we’d go have dinner together which means by the time I got back to the room it’s late. It’s tiring.

Walked around today. Late lunch at a food court – pork noodles and black sticky rice pudding. Walked all the way from the Conrad, through Suntec, City Link to City Hall, Raffles. MRT to Chinatown and back. Shopped at the big Carrefour – drinks, snacks and kaya jam for the folks at home.

Thinking about whether to go out for dinner. Foodcourt next to the hotel, hotel restaurant or the revolving sushi place. Decisions, decisions.