good intentions

Honest. I did. Planned to take the ferry over to Bintan, just to see what it’s like. And to add Indonesia to the list of countries I’ve visited. Then again I didn’t plan to wake up so close to noon by the time I’ve finished my tea it’s nearly 1pm and the incentive to venture far out had all but disappeared. I console myself by calculating how much it would be – S$47 for the ferry ride plus US$10 for the visa and others – it was too expensive, I told myself.

So I walked over to Purvis Street and lunched on chicken rice – yes I had the entire half chicken, so what? It was good.

Then onto Clarke Quay, nothing exciting apart from a flea market and pubs with beer on special. Deliberated on hotel or another location, decided to make the obligatory appearance on Orchard Road. Not much of a shopper, but I did spend 2 hours at HMV. Hee.

Dinner at the food court opposite the hotel – prawn noodles $4 and ice kacang $1.80. The restaurant at the hotel had prawn noodles at 16.50, why pay that much?

To be honest there wasn’t much to do here I was really tempted to stay in my room all day. If I have to live here I’ll have to seriously start writing.