scary technical

I had a big scare when I got back. I got an earlier flight so I was home more than an hour earlier than expected. I had time before going to dinner, so what do I do? Hook up the Powerbook, right? Natural as natural goes. Imagine my horror when I could connect successfully but none of the webpages loaded. Not even the simple ones like yahoo or google.

Mad panic and very annoyed for 2 days. Yesterday I tried using dial-up which worked, albeit at a snail’s pace, so it wasn’t the hardware or browsers. So today I checked the faq, and luckily it was a simple fix. Phew. So for posterity’s sake, here’s how to set up broadband:

  1. In TCP/IP select Enternet.
  2. Use the PPP server.
  3. In the Name Server address box type in the IP addresses: and If they don’t work, use, in any case Open Transport need that box filled. That’s what I forgot to do.

The not-so-new news is that I feel like my arms and legs have been chopped off when I’m offline. Scary.

I did manage to do a fair bit of writing though. I updated Bigtown, Between, Unexpected. And started another. At least I was productive.