mind babble

I’m not gonna put a version on these anymore because there’s no point in trying to keep track, why bother putting essentially random thoughts in their little bitty order.

quiet time
I have around 15 minutes in the morning while riding on the bus to wake up and think. I don’t like that time to be disturbed cos it’s quiet time for me. But there’s always the danger that someone I know will get on the same bus. I don’t want to talk to them that time of the morning, I’ll try to hide or turn my head. It’s inevitable when we get off that I’ll have to greet them but then the ride is over and I would have had my quiet time and anyway it’s only a couple of minutes’ walk to the office.

work shirts
I was talking to my sis on the phone last night and she asked if I have any spare work shirts. I like wearing shirts, given a choice I prefer something with collars than not. T-shirts I tend to just keep for wearing at home or playing sports or when I’m wearing shorts. I have a big pile of polo shirts, mainly black or blue. I have a small collection of shirts but they tend to be quite old – mostly stripes, some white, some blue for wearing under suits. I don’t like wearing just a shirt, it leaves me too vulnerable, I prefer to have a jumper or coat to protect it.

A few years ago mm bought a couple of really nice shirts from Pink, and one for me. Impeccable. Crisp. Smooth. A class away from the normal Benetton or M&S ones I own.

Last August we opened a joint investment account. Started small, but since then we’ve topped it up twice. Now the portfolio includes: fund of funds, student accommodation fund, Eastern Europe, Asia. Quite a mix. She’s really keen on Asia and guessed right on China and India. I wanted more global and sector rather than countries or regions. Initially I wanted healthcare but we decided against it. It’s a lumpsum investment so it’ll just sit there for a long while, at least that’s my plan.

We also opened a monthly savings plan. The fund picks for the savings plan are different from lumpsum cos we can afford to go for more volatile investments.

She reads up on magazines, talks to the advisor, actively looks out for new ideas. I let her do the research and she tells me all about them. My attention span on these isn’t as great, I just want to put the money away somewhere and forget about it. She has other types of investments on her own account, things I’m not interested in. I have a global leisure fund, corporate bonds and index funds in my own name. Some investments we do together, some we do on our own, we try not to be too “together”. Even though the aim of making these investments is for our future together.

Do we? Have a future together?