soup and chocolate milk

It’s been soup for the last 3 meals, and it will be soup again tonight. A bunch of us at work are having Soup Week, where each day one of us brings in a soup for sharing. My turn on Monday and I made carrot & orange soup. And I made a lot. I don’t mind having the same food repeatedly, such is the nature of cooking for one, gotta get used to it. Today’s soup was vegetable. I had a couple slices of plain toast and a fruit salad also. Feeling all healthy and righteous right now.

Been on a soya milk and chocolate milk binge lately. I dilute the chocolate milk with plain milk to make it less sweet. It has the same calorie content as yogurt drink which is surprising. I would have thought the yogurt drink is healthier. Then again define healthier. After I had the yogurt drink yesterday my reaction was, at this amount of calorie content I may as well stick with Diet Coke. I’ve decided I need more calcium in my diet, hopefully not too late to strengthen the old bones. Can’t drink milk on its own, don’t like the aftertaste. Haven’t had milk from a bottle for ages, gold top for full cream, red top for normal, blue top for skimmed.