bad hair day

This guy next doors in IT has great hair. And no, it’s not in my nature to notice guys but I started noticing how neat and effortless this guy’s hair is. Considering a few desks over this other guy has a permadome of greasy slicked-back hair that gives me total wiggins. My boss has great hair, but that’s because a lot of effort has been put into making it look effortless.

My colleague came in with red highlights today, a change from the usual blonde hightlights. It’s okay, but looks exactly like what it is – artificial highlights. Most people in the office have dark hair, some have highlights – the aforementioned blonde and red but also blue or orange tinges. I remember playing around with hair mascara a few years ago, to paint a few strays of hair purple or gold or blood red. It lasted a day or two, I couldn’t even be a proper rebel.

I haven’t had long hair since, well since never. This one time when I was a teenager my Mom took me to have it permed and it turned out to be a disaster and I was so angry at her. She kept at my hair for years and years, every time I’d have a haircut she’d say something like why do I cut it so short.

My hair.
My choice.
Isn’t it?

Which part of choice do people not understand?