There is a large mountain of paper I’d printed out as writing research. What a strange collection.

Oxford University – courses offered, information on all the different colleges. It’s been a long while since I’ve been there but I think I can visualise, in any case I have writer’s licence, right?

Robot Sheepdog Project – this topic continues to fascinate me. That the project was initially conducted by researchers in Oxford (amongst others) is no co-incidence, I discovered it while surfing around the Oxford site looking for interesting research. It ties into my synopsis so neatly.

Scottish clan history – this need to be extended to cover the other celts, the Irish and Welsh. Then may be I will focus on particular areas.

Wiccan Rede and glossary of terms – once I started reading about wicca I realised how familiar and intuitive it is, the ties to nature, the celebrations. The best part is the freedom on the part of the individual to choose the way they practice, there is no compulsion, no rigidity, nothing that is considered unnatural, forced, artificial. The Catholic in me is horrified, but at the same time I can’t help wondering, that if the wiccan religion can accept and encourage co-existence with other religions even within the same person, how come the Catholic Church feels obliged to exclude and condemn anything that doesn’t conform to their teaching? Shouldn’t there be acceptance and tolerance in the world?

Mystical significance of numbers and number patterns – ok that’s me trying to bring together 2 extremes. But are they really extremes? It’s surprisingly how much they can be related.

What I don’t have yet:

  • legends surrounding Arthur and the knights of the roundtable
  • mystical places in Britain, particularly in the west country
  • healing through music
  • Venice tourist guide

I know. Strange collection.