this was how the day went

The weekends of not touching the computer continue. Should I be proud? distracted? worried? When was the last time I updated this on a weekend?

Here’s how it went.

Paying respects
To my grandpa, grandma, their respective mothers and aunt. Mum usually buys a flower basket for each, such pretty baskets of roses. I’m never afraid of visiting that cemetery, I’ve been there so many times, it feels kinda peaceful. I feel protected with so many loved ones there. They’ve opened up more of the hillside, it looks more open now.

Playing ball
After talking about it for a long time, we finally booked a squash court and had a one hour game. Our email exchange about booking was kinda innuendo-y:

me: I think we should aim to do some exercise this weekend.
her: of course! what do you propose? somewhere public as suppose to somewhere private, I suppose??
me: how did you read my mind? my first thought was the epitome of innocence, that we should book a squash court at the leisure centre. I even went as far as trying to log onto the esd website but couldn’t pull up the page. just as I was writing the mail something else occurred to me and by the time I hit send, I did have in mind other exercises I’d like us to be doing, and very much in private. your bb is very very very bad.

We came close to the personal exercise, very close. But we missed it once again.

Eating in
We’ve sorta stopped eating out as often now. After squash we bought fresh crabs and beans. Steamed the crabs and made a stir-fry of the beans with beef. Dinner at home. It was great. Last night we planned to eat in too, but didn’t have time at the end.

Fixing backs
Perhaps it’s age, or stress, or sedentary lifestyles, we needed to sort out our aching muscles. My back was in very bad shape. Anywhere that the therapist touched was painful. But after the kneading and pressing it was a little better. My left arm was so stiff he had to pull on it and make it go crack.

Changing phones
We both changed our mobile provider to a cheaper one. I don’t really answer the phone anymore, I use it for the caller display and missed calls. That’s all. What’s the point of continuing with the most expensive service in town?

Having words
We had an uneven day yesterday. Ups and downs. Fighting and making up. Tears and laughter. Pouts and grins. Not touching. Holding.

Stocking up
At the end I had to do a big shop. Had a coupon that was expiring end March so I went online and bought supplies of drinks, mint, canned stuff, household stuff. I have enough food at home to last like months, it’s always been the case. I’m a hoarder.