safari on site

I finally loaded our Africa trip. We took 27 rolls of film which at 27×36 = 972, but some rolls had 37 shots so around 980.

We had to sort through them and take out the ones we liked and wanted to display in the album. We ended up with over 400 photos for showing. Out of which I scanned and photoshopped just over 100 for the website. Between those 5 pages the website went from 15 to 23 MB.

I also did some revamping on the website, but I can’t get the design right. When I first put it together it looked neat but I want it even tighter, and I’m not sure what I can do.

I’m getting towards a stage when I feel like I’m kinda stuck in terms of the website. I know there’s still some bits to be done, like finish writing parts of d&f and switch over to movabletype. The rest is maintenance – occasionally update the personal page, load new trips as they come along, continue with the writing, take more pictures for the gallery – but the big pieces are done.

It’s like coming to the end of a journey.