mind babble

being online
I’m so determined to have a weekend entry that my mind has gone blank. All I know is, I want, need, have to break the weekend draught. Yet I have nothing. Report of the day is so lame, the one feeling that’s overwhelming me all the time recently is still too raw to put to words.

It took me 15 minutes to get this far, thanks to dial-up connection. To think, when I first got a modem, how excited I was. In those days waiting a while for a page to load was usual. Today I’m having to deal with 48000bps transfer, a retarded mouse and text size that’s too big for my liking. I’m one of those who customise everything. I don’t like large text.

eating well
Dinner last night with her folks at a buffet place. Loadsafood. Very nice. We were there from 6.30pm till it closed at 10pm. She was saying it’s probably the first time she’s sat through a session. We were well and truly stuffed.

Today’s lunch was the same. Long. Long. Long. For various reasons we weren’t ready to leave even after everyone was full. I was so bored I nearly fell asleep and had to get up to go to the bathroom to wake myself up. And not to be rude.

trying to be healthy
I had dinner on my own, she has a dinner function, which she so doesn’t want to go. I find I eat less on my own than when we’re together.

And while I had all sorts of alcholic options (beer, scotch, sake) I’m drinking … chocolate milk, diluted around 30% with skimmed milk. I’m still on that kick. Now it’s probably really fattening but I figured around the same as beer, and I could do with the calcium anyway.

taking the heat
It’s really starting to get warm. I was sweltering in my sweatshirt today, which I was too lazy to take off cos I didn’t want to carry it. Making for rather sticky skin when we got home and the need for a shower quickly. No other chance of sweatiness or stickiness though, but I’m not ready to go there yet.