the days of our coming

Yesterday was her birthday, I took her to this champagne buffet brunch, all limitless Moët and 8 kinds of fruit juices and 3 types of oysters and lobsters and giant tiger prawns with cajun flavouring and sushi and prime rib. Highest quality of every sort of luxury food imaginable. Even the pizza was great.

Overindulgence plus probably the result of eating 2 dozen oysters I came down with the mother of all food poisoning. We made it back to her place, just, and I got hit with a splitting headache and the constant need for the bathroom.

I feel so bad to have ruined my baby’s birthday. She says it’s okay and I know she doesn’t mind. But I need to make it up to her.

In a couple of days’ time it’s my turn. Originally we’d booked another posh buffet but we might cancel and have something simple at home. It really doesn’t matter how we celebrate, the most important thing is we’re together.

Okay I’ll knock off the sickly sweetness now.