strangely familiar

I’m back in Singapore again, 10 days this time. All so familiar – getting out of the airport, checking into the hotel, the hotel room is exactly the same as last time, except everything is a mirror image.

I didn’t have anything for dinner last night cos I had 2 lunches and the whole meal on the plane already. I had some noodles after I checked in but by the time I got to the airport I was hungry again so I had a portion of Popeye’s fried chicken – 2 pieces, 1 biscuit and coleslaw. Their buttermilk biscuit is supposed to be really famous but it’s no different from the KFC one, just another scone.

The low calorie meal on the flight was the same as before – pork and pasta. I’m wondering if that’s the only option. It was ok though. Watched “Mona Lisa Smile” and flipped through the magazines. The take-off was delayed cos there were like 4-5 passengers who checked in but didn’t board, so they had to take their luggage off. Not sure why so many.

It’s quite hot here but strangely everything is so familiar. Had nasi lemak for lunch. After work I’ll go to Carrefour to stock up on drinks and snacks.