a higher temperature

It’s so hot. But what am I doing about it? Zilch. Right now I’m in the study and I should have the aircon on but I don’t bother, I just have the vertical fan giving scant reprieve from the stifling heat and humidity.

I feel sticky, even after a shower. mm says it’s because I use hot water. She didn’t say it like I should or should not be using water at that temperature, it was just an objective observation.

Last night was bad, very bad. I had the aircon on full blast and I felt myself getting hotter and hotter, even without any covering. My back and neck were burning up. We were getting a little flushed cos we hadn’t seen each other in 2 weeks and we both wanted the same thing. But then I got far too hot and had to cool off and then, horrors, we both fell asleep.

Missed the golden opportunity. Ooops.

I couldn’t have physical contact cos my skin’d stick to hers if I did. Took me a long while to actually get to sleep.