faded whispers

oh by the way, I don’t think I can write poetry anymore. The last one I wrote was dated September 1990 (okay did I just implied I’m kinda, um, old?). It’s really not that good. But what the fuck, this is my site I can put whatever I like on it, even though it sucks right.


Tell me now that you love me
I need to know
Tell me how much you love me
And don’t let go

Hold me till my tears are dried
I need you so
Hole me tightly by your side
Please don’t let go

Give me time to remember
Your smile your touch
There’s just time to discover
I need you so much

I cried for the day
When you could tell me how you really feel
I looked for a way
That could let both our broken hearts heal
I wanted so to say
If only we can find a way
I hope we can both stay
True to our promises

Tell me now that you love me
I need to know
Tell me you’ll always love me
Tell me
Before you go

One last thing, I’ve always been young for my age (and it’s not some lame excuse for juvenile behavior and mindset), this was written when I was pretty young and hadn’t been involved in any relationship with anyone. Hell if you told the me of that time how this whole relationship thing would turn out, including which team I ended up batting on, there’d be so serious blowing of circuits.