common courtesy

May be I should create a new category called “I hate people”. What bugged me today was the lack of common decency of people. Like they have tunnel vision, and all they see and care about are themselves. Simple stuff, really. But why can’t they show just a modicum of effort and consideration. Like:

  • Drivers who don’t give way to buses.
  • Drivers who would rather swerve to the opposite side of the road than give way to a bus leaving the stop.
  • People who don’t line up.
  • People who stand too close, way too close.
  • People who sit so close to you there are body parts and clothing that touch. And if they sit down after you they don’t move away and you squirm but you’re sitting next to the window and you rapidly run out of space and they’re still touching you.
  • People who don’t let others off before they get on.
  • People who don’t give up their seats to the needy.

This is just from riding on the bus.