shiny parts in mt

I’m using MT to power shiny parts, so updates are in weblog format. I created a new weblog in the MT edit menu and copied the templates over from quiet thoughts. I’ll also be moving the technical entries over from quiet thoughs to shiny parts. While I’m at it I’m switching the pages to php.

There will be a few pages within shiny parts that are not inside MT, like the sitemap, siteplan and old homepages. They’ll just sit in the folder.

Yet another page converted to php and, look, no tables!

I’ve been reading up a lot on MT, CSS, php and learnt a great deal. Some people power their entire website on MT. I’ve decided not to do that 100%, because some of it doesn’t sit in a weblog interface environment. Also I have Dreamweaver, and I’m beginning to handcode some pages, so I don’t need to rely solely on MT. Even though I think the people who do use MT all through their sites do so because they are so good at it.

The biggest advantages are: consistency, structure and the ability to update using a web interface. I like it.

But as usual, once I discover something it changes and something which may be perceived to be better comes along. Just after I get properly started on MT, and I’m on MT 2.661, they announce MT3D, a developers edition of version 3. Lots more new stuff, but at a price. They’ve just today announced they are revising the pricing structure, still it’s $70 for a personal license, that provides support and is limited to 5 authors. It’s a better deal than the first pricing proposal, which limits the number of weblogs also. If the no. of logs are limited, people like me won’t then have the luxury of using one log per section.

Then after reading up more, I discover WordPress. Sigh. Just great.