So I made a banner that sit on the homepage, a simple animated gif.

Step 1: Create a photoshop document size 750 x 100px, background blue #003399, logo font Frutiger 55 Roman in white.

Step 2: Duplicate that layer.

Step 3: Create a new layer that is pure blue background. Put this layer in between the 2 logo layers, so it goes:

  • Layer 1: with logo
  • Layer 2: background only
  • Layer 3: with logo

Step 4: Open in ImageReady. Use the Tween command and add 20 frames between layers. Set the initial frame at 2sec and the intervening frame at 0sec. Set repeat at Once.

Step 5: Save as gif. The end result is an animated gif of 43 frames with text that fades into the plain background and fades back to view.

The same approach for the other banners on level 1 pages, except instead of fading to pure background, I have the section heading constant throughout the layers.