hot and wet

My god it’s so hot and it’s only mid-June. How to survive until September. I get drenched walking very short distances, I’m basically dripping like I just stepped out of the shower.

So this morning we set the alarm and woke up early. We both need a haircut. It’s been like, 2 months, and my hair has gotten so thick. Even the hairdresser commented on how thick it was.

We’ve only been each other’s company for a few hours this weekend. Yesterday she had to work and we met up with her brother in the evening, so alone time was non-existent. Today we went home, separately, after lunch. She has an appointment with the gas people and I’m meeting my folks for dinner. It’s father’s day.

When I got home I watered my plants and tried to fix the aircon so it stops dripping. No clue where the water comes out from so I gave up. When I got back inside I was completely soaked I had to sit quietly reading the paper till it stopped. I thought about going swimming but decided on the comfort of being indoors, such a wuz. Hee.