early thoughts

I have 4 small black notebooks filled with what I wrote when I was very young. Some of the early mind babbles are actually fine enough to record for posterity.

fish Ever since I swallowed a fishbone and had to spend 2 nights in hospital I’ve been petrified of eating fish.

batteries Some last longer than others. Some cost more than others. The cheapest ones are the rechargeable ones but they need 14 hours charging so I must remember to recharge them every morning before I leave. So when I return they are ready.

stamps They are like frames of our minds. Pretty pictures of some object, person or event.

the poor as pitiful Of course we need someone to pity so we can show the world how charitable we are.

anthropic principles The Universe must contain a species of intelligent beings who observe it to justify its existence. If something exists it must be observable. Conversely if we cannot observe something it cannot exist.

dreams The demons of my dreams call to me and I must follow.

uptight I’m uptight but I’m not uptight about being uptight.

humor Ha ha. Very funny.

small rhyme
I think I am
I feel I can