healing element

I haven’t had pain in my abdomen for a while. Probably a good 5 years.

I remember the searing pain and stitch at my side and stomach. Pain that kept me up nights and nights. I had to pace round the living room in the middle of the night in the dark, too distraught to have any light on.

I thought it was stomach pain in those days, may be an ulcer. It was gall stones. Since I had the gall bladder out (2 operations, a fortnight of discomfort and weight loss) it’s been fine.

Came back today. Not as much as before, just some pinpoint pain somewhere inside. Not sure where it is. But enough to cause unhappiness and a little pain.

I’ve taken one tablet. See how it goes.

Usually a hot shower would cure these niggly niggles. But it only smoothed it a bit, pain is still there. Let’s wait till the morning, I have tomorrow off so no need to get up early anyway.