semi static pages

I’m basically going to use MT to power the semi-static pages like the writing pages, the gallery and travels section.

First thing after creating the new weblog is to delete the date-based archives. I can set “posts” to display according to alphabetical rather than chronological order. In the main index template where entries are displayed set the rules:

<MTEntries sort_by=”title” sort_order=”ascend”>

For innermost room I have:

Categories = sections
Entries = pieces

I don’t have long pieces that need to be split up, so it’s ok to stop at that level. Displaying category archive pages end up showing all the entries, but that’s no big.

For hidden doors I have:

Categories = stories, category descriptions is where the rating, summary info is held
Entries = chapters, summary of each chapter in the excerpt

I set the category archive so the excerpt is displayed with each chapter rather than the entire chapter. Where MTEntries normall go, replace with:

</$MTEntryExcerpt$><br />
(<MTWordCount> words)

Oh yeah, I downloaded this nifty plugin that counts words in each entry.

For gull’s way I have:

Categories = country
Entries = trips

I don’t even need subcategories. Well, not yet anyway.