who’s a clever parrot?

I think I’m killing myself, trying to learn all those web design stuff in such a short time. I went from proudly congratulating myself that I fixed all my tables and converted to xhtml (was that only the beginning of June?) to totally disowning tables and getting onto the web standards bandwagon. I look at the masters’ work and I’m totally in awe.

So am I killing myself trying to emulate what other people are doing? People who’ve been doing this way longer than I have, and most of them professionals at this business.

To calm myself down and may be to give me some encouragement, I started looking out for more personal weblogs. Like those on tripod, or a few from b2. Getting away from the higher echelon cliqué certainly made me feel better, I felt like a kindergarten kid in a room full of self- and mutually- congratulating PhD’s.

Not that I haven’t given someone the I-am-way-cleverer-than-you treatment. Ahem.

Still, there are some really nice personal sites out there, but they just go about their own business and don’t harp on about validation and zen gardens and stuff. Yes they are ramblings about nothing in particular (or their dog, or crazy grandmother, or how school sucks) but they have something in common — it means something. Of course some of them have bottom scroll bars or have orange words on blackground or are hideously small. It’s a relief to get away from the 2 column centered on page look that seems to be everywhere (that’s the MT3 look, right?).

It’s a neverending game. It’s like painting the Golden Gate Bridge. I know that once I have all the sections converted I’ll start tinkering with them again. Who knows what the next fad is.

Sometime in the future I might achieve a balance.