I made a colophon.

What is a colophon? In book publishing terms it’s the page that has information on author, title, publisher and dates published/reprinted. In web terms it gives information on the systems and resources used to create and maintain a website, like what software, hardware, scripts, servers and other “interesting” tidbits.

Basically, it’s the long winded and really-boring-unless-you-get-the-inside-jokes credits page. The type to sit through to the end of a film to see who was second second second unit director? The type who would understand.

It’s really more self-congratulatory than informative. It’s cute, if you’re into that sort of thing.

How does it sit with the faq? Kinda side by side but with a fair bit of overlap. The faq has a more edgy tone, the about page is more dry.