family ties

It’s my sis’ birthday today, and conveniently it’s a public holiday. Always has been, though I never figured out what for.

We all met up in a family style Italian restaurant. Ordered a couple of salads, a linguine with clams and a mushroom pizza. The salads and pasta came quickly then we had to wait a long time for the pizza. I asked the waitress about its progress and she answered “it has to be baked.” I mean, duh, of course it has to be baked. My dad said, what, they serve raw pizzas here?

It was a nice crispy pizza though. Afterwards my sis and brother-in-law went shopping while my parents took my niece back to their place for afternoon nap. I wanted to go home, but then relented and went along home. It was far too hot to do anything else.

Tested out the website on Mum’s machine. Yeah it’s a stupid Wintel contraption. But now 3 browsers richer — I downloaded firefox, opera and netscape onto her machine. Yeah you guessed it again, she only had explorer. How utterly predictable. I love firefox I can’t stop using it. Now it has me thinking so seriously about finally switching to OS X. Sigh. How much longer can I resist? May be I’ll try booting up the old iMac on OS X first.

Anyway I was happily browsering, my niece woke up and I played with her on Sesame Street for a while, she even has her own little computer hooked up to the TV. She sits on my lap and uses a paintbrush to “click” her choices on the screen (while I did the real clicking on the mouse), I think she’ll know how to use a mouse very very soon. We had dinner and went home early cos they want to go swimming in their pool before it closes.

Baby goes to my parents’ a lot, they call it going to boarding school or day school depending on whether she stays overnight. Their place is now full of toys and children stuff. I’m so glad to see my parents so happy with her, they argue less and give more attention to taking care of the little one. She has always followed my Dad, he was the last one to see her, only when she was about a year old, but she took to him straight away and always follows him. Even if she’s throwing tantrums we’d say go and walkabout with granddad and she’d go with him, just like that.

Sometimes I feel guilty that it’s taken my parents such a long time to reap the joys of having a grandchild. If sis doesn’t have another little one, she’s going to be the only one. Sigh. That’s the one regret I have about how my life’s turned out.