my first disaster

It had to happen sometime. But as always it’s at the most inconvenient time.

It was past 1am, I was tired, wanting my bed, the aircon in the bedroom is already on, cooling the room down. Impatient. But let me just do one final small thing. Add the menu to the bottom of the banner on each page. Easy cut and paste of a php command.

So I saved and rebuilt quickly, 3 sections in succession. No errors, everything was fine.

I clicked on quiet thoughts. What? Nothing below the banner was showing. Reloaded the page. Still blankety blank. Tried shiny parts. Tried innermost. Nothin’. Okay, now I’m awake.

Went back to check the index template. Head fine, script fine, banner fine, then the rest of the page was blank. So somewhere between cut and paste and save and rebuild the rest of the template got deleted.

I’d done a sync between the server and the computer so I thought, ok, just copy over. But of course the index.php that was saved on the computer had actual entries, not tags.

Hokay. Time for bed. I’ll deal with it in the morning. At worst I’ll just have to recreate the template, luckily the entries weren’t lost, the archive pages were fine.

So that’s what I did this morning. I created a new weblog and copied the default index template. Made changes, like date format, posted in categories, sidebar. I’m so glad the sidebar links are includes, otherwise I would have had to type them in again. Phew.

Happy now.