après moi, le deluge

So I had a web disaster Wednesday night. Luckily I was able to fix it fairly quickly.

Today when I got home my fridge was up the creek. The food in the freezer defrosted and it just wasn’t cold anymore. Not sure whether it’s a problem with the fridge or did I not close the door properly this morning? It’s been so hot I can’t take the risk of salmonella. I threw everything apart from some dried stuff out. Everything in the freezer and all the milk and other cooked food.

Now I’m waiting for the next technical hitch. Good ol’ rule of three. It’s inevitable.

Why tempt fate? Why declare a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Actually I’m hoping by saying outright there’d be a third incident I’d have jinxed it away. Well, sort of a reverse jinx anyway. You know whenever you say “things are going good, everything’s going so well” things will turn around and become bad immediately? So I’m saying I’ll have a third technical problem, and by doing so, it won’t happen.

The pyramids over here sure look purty in the sunset.