I validate

The site validates to w3c standards. Yay.

Lots to read on web standards, quite a raging debate going on that I can’t help but feel I’ve joined late. Doesn’t bother me though cos it’s nice to come in after the initial juxtapositioning and see where the direction is.

For me, it’s just that as soon as I learnt about web standards there was no question, no hesitation. I knew it was what I want to do.

So what’s the controversy? It seems to me, with my basic understanding, one of the biggest issue is that Microsoft doesn’t follow these standards, so web designers have to come up with hacks for IE. Because like 95% of web users use IE.

Does it matter to me? No friggin’ way. You’re talking to a long term Mac user here. I don’t use IE, I don’t even have Office on the Powerbook anymore. I have IE, which I use for testing, but that’s it. And the sort of stuff I do is too basic, it looks fine on the PC at work.

The detractors of web standards describe the protagonists as a cliqué, that they have a holier than thou attitude. While sometimes it does feel that way, some of the in depth discussions are way over my head and there are some hardcore fanatics out there, isn’t it the same for any topic? I’m an ok cook, but put me in a room with a bunch of 5 star chefs and I’d better shut up. In the same vein, there’re some cooks who churn their own butter, to which I say, each to their own.

There’s no elite club, the secret handshake isn’t MOS (Mozilla/Opera/Safari), it’s just people who voluntarily follow the standards with no more than an I-can-do-it mindset.

Back to the cooking analogy. The Zeldmans, the Bowmans are the Alain Ducasses and the Gordon Ramseys of the web world, creating masterpieces that take your breath away. But little ol’ me can also follow the recipe, make adjustments for my own resources and abilities, and produce something really fabulous too.