I did a couple of little something to see if I can get some traffic onto the site. Search engine submission places charge money, so that was out. Not that desperate.

I went over to ringsurf and looked at web rings. There were a few interesting ones, I put quiet thoughts on one called obscure logs — 300-odd members and quite a high hit count. There was another Buffy related ring that I was interested in, but when I clicked on random sites it kept bringing me to sites that either don’t exist or very bare. The ringmaster at obscure seems much more on top of things.

I also updated the page I had at tripod with a stripped down version of the homepage. I’d forgotten I had a homepage at tripod, just figured I had the weblog. For a long while it was an under construction page, what an opportunity wasted.

Look and feel are the same, with the animated gif logo banner and sidebar. Wasn’t sure if they supported php so I took out the includes and the random image rotator. At first I did an animaged gif of just 6 images but it turned out to be too big so I loaded a plain image instead. Links are all in place, pointed back here to the site. I took out hidden doors completely. Kept it simple, html but still css.

Repeated at geocities.

Figured, these are the 2 biggest free web page providers around, perchance someone might stumble across those pages and follow the links.

That’s not cheating, right?