viewing habits

Watched Prime Suspect 6 in one sitting. Over 3 hours.

I remember the original Prime Suspect, it was quality TV, riveting story development, real characters, enough twists and turns to keep audiences at the edge of their seat. Towards part 4/5 it slipped and got tired. It’s been off our screens for 7 years. To its credit it was as if it never left. The characters and plot as great as ever.

We didn’t notice that 3 hours had passed by, it was that good.

Not watching so much TV anymore. At one stage all I did was watch TV, back when I was heavily into twopping, but not anymore. I even missed a couple eps of ER and 24, previously must see tv, and I wasn’t bothered. May be a quality issue, programs get old and really need to retire, most don’t know how to do it gracefully.

Also, too many reality programs. Some are ok, most are crap, compulsive crap but still crap. I remember the first season of Survivor, it was fantastic, it’d be the only topic of conversation the next morning. My office buddy Larry even talked about entering for the second season. It was new, it was exciting, it was real people and a lot at stake.

Since then it’s been too much. The only good one is the Amazing Race but I’ve watched Big Brother, For Love or Money, Joe Millionaire, The Apprentice and America’s Top Model. These are the ones I remember. I don’t follow any of them, just nice for background noise.

Does Queer Eye count as reality program? Hmmm. We’ve had these makeover programs in the UK for ages, and now the Americans are catching up. But Queer Eye? Brilliance. What a coup to get this unique group of presenters. That Carson, he’s the works. But <small voice>I like Ted best</small voice>.