The weather’s been shit. Either it’s so hot it’s like a sauna, or suddenly there’s a thunderstorm. Which left puddles along the road.

So on our way out of the library to the café where we wanted to have afternoon tea we had to walk along a narrow stretch of pavement that brought us a bit too close to a few large pools of water. I noticed, I thought she’d too. But alas, no. She got royally drenched by this stupid car that was going very fast and straight onto the puddle of water. I watched the wheel hit the water and splashed all over her. Direct hit.

She was miserable and angry. Of course I helped out with the cleaning up and the commiseration. But inside a small part of me was laughing. At how she managed to get bullseyed. And how she didn’t notice and got out of the way. I mean, I saw the car coming and stopped.

I feel like I’m a bad person. You’re in a relationship, you expect to be supportive with each other, not making fun when it’s inappropriate. what’s wrong with me?