chicken & beer

I’m trying to cut down on beer. Doesn’t mean I’m not touching alcohol, just a different kind, lately it’s been sake and choya. Beer is simply too fattening.

I haven’t had any for a week, yesterday I did order a bottle while we were at dinner. She said nothing.

Today our plans was to go out, either to the islands or to watch a film. We woke up early-ish, around 9, she went to the bathroom and I was waiting in bed. Next thing I know, it’s past midday. We fell asleep again. She says she didn’t have the heart to wake me cos I was sleeping real soundly.

So day trip went out of the window.

We ordered KFC for lunch, a chicken pieces combo plus wings. Deliberately over-ordered so there were leftovers.

We wanted to go to the mall and may be watch Harry Potter. But it rained and we got lazy. She lounged on the couch with a book and DVD and I retreated to the study.

Ventured out briefly to the supermarket to buy dinner. I’m making chicken curry. It’s been a chicken sort of day.